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GM APP by dragonmaster775

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GM APP by dragonmaster775 Empty GM APP by dragonmaster775

Post  dragonmaster775 Sat Dec 19, 2009 9:36 am

Hey im dragonmaster775 (kinda long login name x3). I would like to be a GM. Ive followed the rules and didnt break them. I don't like players who break the rules and should be punished. Mostly the gms are afk and cant realy help. I want too do something about this.

Key: Dragonmaster775



Byond Member:No

Lvl of Gm Used to:non (new)

Do I Edit Stats?: No cuz it wouldn't be fun and its selfish too edit your own stats

How Long you ´r Online : mostly everyday for 1 or more hours :O

I hope you read my GM APP



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