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Coder Application of Fenerbace2

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Coder Application of Fenerbace2 Empty Coder Application of Fenerbace2

Post  Fenerbace2 Sun Oct 11, 2009 7:08 am

Hey I´m Fenerbace2 and I want to apply for ya as Coder, I think i would be good for ya because i can Code very good very fast, I´m 15 years old have much time and I´m Coding almost 3 years, I did begin when i was 12 years old .Oh and the most important is that the Game of you is based on my source xDD.
so now my Information




Byond Member:No

Lvl of Gm Used to:Gm lv 4

Do I Edit Stats?:I hate Editing Stats , and Kick , or delete everyone who is Editing ..

How Long you ´r Online : I´m Online at least 5 Hours per day , and weekends im Online 10-12 Hours

Hope you liked my Application , e-mail me or add me in msn if you liked it
you can answere here in Forum to if ya want and if you liked me


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