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Post  Relapse Sun Sep 27, 2009 9:32 pm

Game Name- Relapse, RelapseX (Named after a personal struggle i went through)

Byond Key- Devilsminion528 (IDFK.... random)

What position you are trying to get- any

Game hours- kumori Kunrin i had AT LEAST 1000hrs

How long do you play for- 9am till around 4am[During summer] 3pm-11pm[school time] (and im usually not afk at all, except for Work, which is no more than 2 days a week)

Age(Real)- 18

Paragraph of why you want to be gm and past experiences-i am Experianced, and never abusive, and i play alot during hours when other people are gone. and im a nice guy, i like to hang around the server and keep an eye on things. im mature and always keep my cool.. people say im strict but i just enforce the rules and am more attentive then other GMs.

DBZ Dark Apocalypse - lvls 1-100k (am 100k on 3 servers, 10k on one, 100 on the last)

DBZ Kumori Kunrin- 5 (if you dont remember me ill be sad Exclamation

DBZ Return of Chaos 1 - lvl 1,3,6 (back when lvl 10 was max) - (this was my first ever GM job, but i was GM the whole time this game was up, from the time it started to the time it updated to RoC2.)

DBZ Return of Chaos 2 - lvl 9 (back when lvl 10 was max) {also was host} (RoC2 was of course my second job, i was coded in as a lvl 9 because i hosted, eventually i quit because high school started and i couldnt gaurentee a 24/7 server.)

DBZ Lost Saiyans - lvl 3 (prolly my most fun job, because for some reason spammers were on this one like crazy, but it wasnt for very long, prolly 3-4 months after getting GM they had a GM wipe.)

Bleach: Breed of Destruction- lvl 2 (this one was my weirdest one, i won lvl 1 in a tourny, but after a short time i got lvl 2)

Bleach: Lost Souls- lvl 1 (no explaination for this one. my shortest time being GM, they litterally had a GM wipe the same day i got it.)

Naruto Shippuuden - lvl 2 (short time, maybe a month or 2, i quit finding the game extremely boring and slow paced)

Tons more random no longer running games!!! (10+ other games that are no longer running or i just cant remeber the names of, mostly DBZ games)

Are you abusive- never, abusive GMs take the fun out of the whole game. abuse consists of using your GM abilitys on a person who has not asked for it, or using it in such a way to kill people (summon killing) or trying to use your position of GM to be mean/rude/disrespectful of players

Can you be a spokesperson for forum and advertise our forum on server- i will by, telling people to check out and sign up for the forums....


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